Quality Inspector - NDT

Date: Nov 19, 2023

Location: Tucson, AZ, US, 85706-9279

Company: Bombardier

In your role, you will

  • Adhere to General Work Requirements
  • Perform and interpret radiographs of casting, weldments and other parts for discontinuities per Quality specifications (as applicable by site)
  • Maintain radiographic records and reports of inspected parts for documentation, traceability and evaluation of potential future problems in service areas (as applicable by site)
  • Perform and interpret ultrasonic inspections of bonded parts, assemblies and or suspect parts to detect internal discontinuities
  • Perform and interpret ultrasonic thickness measuring on parts to determine thickness
  • Perform and interpret eddy current inspections on parts and assemblies to detect/measure cracks or other surface discontinuities
  • Perform and interpret conductivity and hardness measurements on parts requiring special evaluations to determine specific heat treatment or detection of heat damage
  • Perform and interpret magnetic particle and penetrant inspections as needed
  • Coordinate NDT inspections and results with various departments
  • Develop and/or approve NDT procedures for magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections
  • Develop and administer NDT certification and qualification exams for Level I and Level II certificates covering magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections

As our ideal candidate

  • Must possess A&P License
  • Capable of providing the necessary guidance and/or supervision of trainees and Level I personnel
  • Capable of developing written instructions from approved general procedures
  • Thoroughly familiar  with the scope and limitations of specifically limited applications of the method(s) for which qualified
  • Meet applicable education / certification / experience requirements to be NAS 410 certified Level II NDT in methods fo Eddy Current (ET), Penetrant (PT) and Ultrasonic (UT) inspection
  • Knowledge to process parts and perform equipment standardization in accordance with written instructions
  • Knowledge to carry out any necessary preparation of parts before or after inspection in accordance with written instructions
  • Ability to receive guidance and follow written instructions in techniques/methods 
  • When authorized perform interpretations and evaluations of specific product or product form for acceptance/rejection in n accordance with written instructions
  • Ability to set up and standardize equipment, conduct tests, interpret/evaluate and document the acceptance/rejection of parts
  • Thoroughly familiar with the scope and limitations of the technique/method for which certified
  • Familiar with codes, standards and other contractual documents that control the methods used at facility
  • Basic knowledge of product manufacturing and inspection technology
  • Certified to perform specific tasks or applications in the Eddy Current and Ultrasonic methods
  • Meet applicable education/certification/experience requirements  to be NAS certified Level 1 NDT in methods of Eddy Current (ET) Penetrant (PT) and Ultrasonic (UT) inspection