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Title Location Date
Master Thesis Project - High speed communication scheme in OSI Layer 2 research and implementation Stockholm, STM, SE Oct 4, 2017
Software Engineer (m/f) Helsinki, ES, FI Sep 26, 2017
Product Safety Engineer Stockholm, STM, SE Oct 17, 2017
Signalling Software Engineer (m/f) Rome, LAZ, IT Oct 3, 2017
System Test Engineer Stockholm, STM, SE Sep 27, 2017
Assistant Project Manager Västerås, VAS, SE Oct 5, 2017
Validation Engineer (m/f) Rome, LAZ, IT Oct 6, 2017
Project Quality Assurance Manager Västerås, VAS, SE Sep 24, 2017
Software Engineer - Logic Programming Stockholm, STM, SE Sep 26, 2017
Project Manager Algeria (m/f) Rome, LAZ, IT Oct 9, 2017
Project Manager Ethiopia (m/f) Rome, LAZ, IT Oct 12, 2017
Site Manager (m/f) Rome, LAZ, IT Oct 20, 2017
Bid Manager Wayside Systems (m/f) Rome, LAZ, IT Oct 7, 2017
Procurement Project Manager Västerås, VAS, SE Sep 23, 2017
Train Operations Dispatcher Orlando, FL, US Sep 22, 2017
Project Management Officer (PMO) Västerås, VAS, SE Oct 6, 2017
Senior ILS Application Engineer Bangkok, BK, TH Oct 13, 2017
External Sites Quality Assurance and Control (m/f) Vado Ligure, LIG, IT Oct 3, 2017
Customer Service Ambassador / Commuter Train Operator - GO Toronto Downtown, ON, CA Oct 3, 2017
Legal Advisor (m/f) Rome, LAZ, IT Sep 25, 2017
Software Component Test Engineer Delhi, DL, IN Oct 17, 2017
Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) Application Engineer Bangkok, BK, TH Oct 5, 2017
ATS engineer Bangkok, BK, TH Oct 20, 2017
Head of Controlling- Americas, Rail Control Solutions Pittsburgh, PA, US Sep 26, 2017
Test Developer Engineer Göteborg, VG, SE Oct 7, 2017
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